Remote Learning Plans

On Monday March 30th, Killingly Public Schools will be launching our Remote Learning Plan.  This plan is aimed at continuing education for students during our extended closure. Our Remote Learning Plan is a blended approach which provides both online activities for families who have internet and computer access, as well as academic learning materials which will be sent home for families who do not have access.

For the week of March 23rd through 27th, we will be asking students to continue to access education through the online portals and learning materials which schools have already communicated and sent home.
Remote Learning Plans Begin Monday March 30th.

Our  Remote Learning Plans can be accessed by selecting the photo of the school below.



Killingly High School

Killingly Intermediate School

the stacks

Killingly Memorial School

Killingly Central School

Goodyear Early Childhood Center

Students Petting the Firehouse dog

Additional Resources for Students

students in a classroom playing musical instruments

What to do while off school or work?

GET OUTSIDE!  in Killingly's Open Space Properties!

The Killingly Conservation Commission recently updated their website

to catalogue the open space properties in Killingly that are open to the public!

We have mapped out biking tours, driving tours, town-maintained hiking properties

and state parks for you to enjoy with your family!

Check out our website:


*Cleaning up your local roadways and parks

*Helping your neighbor

*Checking out Geocaching/Letterboxing Websites

Explore 'Undiscovered Killingly"