Joining Killingly as a New Student

Killingly is always excited to welcome new members to our community.  All students must be registered directly at the school they will be attending.  Parents are urged to call the school to ensure they bring the required paperwork and/or documents. This could save you a trip.

Parents should also call the transportation office at 860-779-6790 to find out transportation for your child. 


Goodyear Early Childhood Center - PreK                                     22 Williamsville Rd., Rogers, CT                                                                  860-779-6770

Killingly Central SchoolGrades PreK-1                                              60 Soap St., Dayville, CT                                                                      860-779-6750 

Killingly Memorial School:Grades 2-4                                               339 Main St., Danielson, CT                                                                             860-779-6680

Killingly Intermediate School: Grades 5-8                                   1599 Upper Maple St, Dayville, CT                                                                    860-779-6700

 Killingly High SchoolGrades 9-12                                                         226 Putnam Pike, Dayville, CT                                                                   860-779-6640


smiling high school girls each holding bouquet of flowers