The following have been chosen to serve on the school’s emergency crisis team. The team may be called to convene a meeting at the discretion of the Superintendent of Schools or designee to discuss any issue deemed necessary.


    Kevin Farr, Superintendent of Schools

    Colin McNamara, Asst. Superintendent of Schools

    Andrew Rockett, KHS Principal

    Michael Devine, KHS Assistant Principal

    Michael Vose, KHS Assistant Principal

    Steven Rioux, KIS Principal

    Steven Tagen, KIS Assistant Principal

    Christine Johnson, KIS Assistant Principal

    Joan Gardner, KCS Principal

    Steven Wheeler, KMS Principal

    Bonnie Brouwer, PPS Director 

    Fran Lagace, PPS Assistant Director

    Lynda Fosco, GECC Director

    Peter Gerardi, District School Resource Officer

    Art Vogel, Director of Transportation

    Timothy Mugan, Whitsons Food Services Manager

    Paul Mailhot, Operation and Maintenance Director

    Donna Doyle, District Supervisor of Nurses

    Kim Low, KMS Social Worker

    Rick Harrington, KMS Psychologist

    Sandhya Srinivasan, KCS Psychologist

    Janet Woronick, KHS Social Worker

    Nancy Grandelski, KIS Social Worker

    Laura Weedon, KIS Psychologist

    Sarah Hebert, KCS Social Worker

    Barbara Mudd, GECC Social Worker

    David Wilterdink, MD, District Medical Advisor

    Darlene Danielson, NEDDH Executive Administrative Assistant

    Timothy Madden, Lieutenant, State Police Commander, Troop D

    Randy Daggett, K-B Ambulance Administrator

    Matthew Desrosiers, Attawaugan FD Chief

    George Stevens, East Killingly FD Chief

    Travis Vandale, South Killingly FD Chief

    Bruce Cooper, Williamsville FD Chief

    Michael Hewko, Dayville FD Chief

    Gerry Marcheterre, Danielson FD Chief


    Revised:   October 2011