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    9th Grade Practice CAPT
    You will be self-assessing your responses to the open-ended questions on the practice CAPT test.  We feel that through this process you will gain a better understanding of your depth of Science knowledge and your writing skills.
    Below are documents that you will use to determine your score.  The first page of the PDF lists the criteria for each scoring level (3-0), the remaining pages give examples of student work for each level of response.
    Review the information for each question and determine your score.  Record your score for the question on the cover of your testing booklet. 
     Question 26         Question 27       Questions 28 and 29       Questions 30 and 31          Question 32          Question 33 
    When you are finished scoring each question, access the google form below and share a little bit of information about yourself AND tell us how you did on each multiple choice question as well as the open-ended.
    Thank you in advance for time!  We will be reviewing student results and will use that information to improve our program :)

    Department Head:
    Mrs. Lydia Miudo

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