The Town of Killingly Board of Education has adopted the following policy and administrative regulations in an effort to place the necessary emphasis on the safety and welfare of district administrators, faculty, staff, students, visitors and members of the community. The Coordinator-Trainer of Emergency Management maintains a comprehensive emergency crisis preparedness, response and recovery manual detailing the districts response to a variety of emergency situations. Administrators are responsible to conduct crisis response drills and fire alarm drills to prepare faculty, staff and students in the event of an emergency. Administrators, faculty, staff and students are trained annually to respond to these various crisis. The district also maintains an active Committee on Safety and Health that convenes quarterly during the academic year.    
    POLICY No.  3260
    Business & Non-Instructional Operations
    The Board shall guard against accidents by taking necessary precautions to protect the safety of students, employees, visitors and other present on district property or at school sponsored events.
    The Board shall comply with all safety requirements established by governmental authorities and insist that its staff adhere to recommended safety practices pertaining to the school plant, special areas of instruction, student transportation, school sports, etc.
    The Superintendent of Schools shall be responsible for originating and enforcing safety regulations and procedures in school buildings and on school grounds. It shall be the responsibility of the Superintendent of Schools to see that all staff members are kept informed of current state laws and regulations regarding health and safety as well as the recommendations of local fire and civil defense officials.
    Building Principals and Directors shall be responsible for the supervision of a safety program and shall direct all personnel to cooperate with state, local and insurance officials in the completion of fire inspections.
    Legal References:      Connecticut General Statutes
                                           Section 10-203   Sanitation
                                           Section 10-207   Duties of Medical Advisers
                                               Section 10-220   Duties of Boards of Education                                        
                                           Section 10-231   Crisis Response Drills and Fire Alarms
                                           Section 29-389   Stairways and Fire Escapes on Certain Buildings
    Policy Adopted:           June 10, 1999