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Copyright Free Images

 watermark watermarked image
If the image has a watermark (text or a symbol running through it), it is not free to download. 
This is a form of copyright protection. Even though you can download it.....................
If you use it in your work, it is obvious that you have taken something that you are not authorized to use.
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 The best websites for getting copyright-friendly images.  
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Google Images Advanced Image Search >>  on Firefox
Find royalty free images via Google Advanced Image search.
>>Go to Google Images
>>Type in the keyword(s) for the image(s) you are searching for.
>>Click on the Gear (upper right corner)
>>Select ADVANCED SEARCH option.
>>Scroll down to USAGE RIGHTS.
check the usage rights of any image with TinEye reverse image search.  
         free to use or share
         labeled for noncommercial reuse
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  Google Images Advanced Image Search >>  on Chrome
obtain copyright free
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Kids Click    a Web Search Site designed for kids by librarians. Find facts here too!
 black line   copyright-friendly images for education that are categorized by topic
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openphoto   photo database
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Clippix ETC   categorized by topic
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The Morgue Files    high resolution photographs
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PD Photo   photo database
 black line    photographs
 black line     large, high resolution photographs including
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FreePhotos Bank    photographs
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 black line    backgrounds, textures, abstract design ideas
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Last Modified on February 2, 2017