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    On-line Digital Art Activities:
    Discover your artistic self while experimenting with different interactive online tools
    "I messed up is never an excuse or reason to quit in the digital art world."
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    Drawing/Design Activities
    Quick Draw with Google  Can a neural network learn to recognize doodles? You can help teach it and assist in this "Artificial Intelligence" Project!
    Weave Silk  explore symmetry as you control and direct the creation of symmetrical patterns. No rotational symmetry creates one line; higher rotational symmetry settings create multiple, symmetrically drawn lines.
    Aminah's World Combine traditional art materials with found objects and everyday materials materials.
    Sand Create amazing "Sandscapes" with digital sand art.
    Stickman  Draw a stickman, interactive episodes 1 & 2 are free!  
    mutapic  visual online brainstorm
    Bonomo  Interactive creative artwork site.
     Comic Creator an interactive tool that invites students to compose their own comic strips.
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    Animation Sites
    zimmertwins Watch a short tutorial. Create a cartoon.
    ABCya animation    Explore beginner basics......Create a simple animation.
    Graphic Design Games
    Bezier Method Take control of the pen tool.
    Shape Type A letter shaping game.
    Stroop Effect Experiment
    Words influence what we see. Different information (what the words say vs. word color) causes a problem.
    Experiment: Name the color of these words. NOT what the words say...rather, say the color of the words.     ex: for the word BLUE, you should say “RED”. Say the colors as fast as you can. 
    Color Test Challenge
     Rearrange colors in order of gradation.
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    When a shape or polygon is repeated over and over again, covering an area without any gaps or overlaps.
    TESSELATIONS click on the Learner tab to begin
    TESSELATION CREATOR design and create your own
    TESSELATIONS patterns and designs to explore online
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    On-line Optical Illusions at the Exploritorium, the museum of science, art and human perception
     Sandlot Science Optical Illusion Tour
     ColorCube Optical Illusions
     — The geometry of seeing, a photo essay about the invisible geometry of light
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     Decorate a series of luscious, colorful cakes in the style of Wayne Thiebaud. Seeing them displayed row after row on cake stands will remind you of delicious moments! yum yum...
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    Mr. Picasso Head
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    Paint like Jackson Pollock- Digital Splatter Painting
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    Haring Kids
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    Getty Games
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    Drawing in One Point Perspective
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