School Governance

Welcome to the K.M.S. Governance Council

Who makes up the KMS School Governance Council?


7 Parents or guardians of students at the school, 2 Community Leaders, 5 Teachers at the school and 1 Principal (non-voting member)


What does the Governance Council do?

  • Advise school administration on issues of communication, policies & student achievement
  • Analyze school achievement data and provide feedback on how to improve academic standards
  • Advise principal on budget initiatives and review draft budget to ensure community input

What is the Governance Council’s Mission and why is it important to our school?

  • Improved communication between school and parents
  • Enable parents, school staff, and community leaders to work together to improve student achievement
  • Facilitate communication of educational goals & standards to parents and community
 How can you get involved with the Governance Council?
  • Attend a meeting – learn about what’s going on in the school with academics, policies, and more
  • Run for a council position in May – you can then be a voting member of the council

Governance Council Elections:

  • Each May the Governance Council will hold nominations and elections for new parent & teacher members. The members are expected to attend & participate in meetings.