Mission and Vision

Mission Statement

The mission of Killingly Memorial School, a partnership of school, family and community , is to nurture a safe, caring, responsible, respectful, positive environment where all children can learn and achieve academic success and social success.  

Shared Vision

We believe that the most promising strategies for achieving the mission of Killingly Memorial School is to further develop our capacity to function as a professional learning community and to foster social-emotional growth through a continuum of positive support.   At Killingly Memorial School we will continue to:

► Unite to achieve a common purpose and clear goals;

► Collaborate to share ideas and to learn best teaching practices to improve student learning;

►Collaborate to define essential knowledge and skills at each grade level;

► Monitor each student's learning by the use of assessments on a continual basis, using the results to drive instruction;

► Develop a relationship with each child that empowers him/her to achieve academic and social success;

► Demonstrate a commitment to a parent and community partnership to enhance child's learning;

► Provide opportunities to all students to achieve social and learning success through Positive Behavior Support. 

student artwork displayed on wall in school