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Patti  C. Smith LICSW

I am a Social Worker  at KIS.  I have a Masters in Social Work from Boston University and have practiced as a Licensed Independent Social Worker for  children and their families for several years here at KIS as well as in private practice.

I work with students in grade 5 -8 with emphasis on students receiving special education services, providing individual counseling as well as social skills groups

 I also provide counseling for the 8th grade students and act as their Educational Liaison between our 8th grade class and the regional high schools.  It is my goal to help the students become well-informed about their high school options and help facilitate the process of successfully preparing them for this important transition.

Another major component of my role at KIS, is to oversee our 8th grade Leadership and Forgive and Forget programs.  These programs were created to offer students the opportunity to develop their leadership skills and to help them reinforce a positive school climate.  Students are trained to provide role modeling, support, and programming to students throughout the building.  These programs have enriched the lives of our students involved   

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