Habits of Work

1) Perseverance: Completing the task and using resources.

a) Completing task: Student(s) work on the task(s) as taught by the teacher.

b) Using Resources: Students properly use equipment needed to complete task(s).

2) Organization: Managing time and coming prepared.

a) Managing Time:  Students come to class and engage in task(s) starting with changing in the locker room and in the gym.

b) Coming Prepared:  Students have proper clothing to participate in class.  (shorts, T-shirt, and sneakers).

3) Collaboration: Participating and working with group members.

a) Participating:  Students participate to the best of their ability during the task(s).
b) Working with Group Members:  Students will show good sportsmanship, cooperation and not put other students down on based on their ability to execute the task(s).