Search Engines

Best Search Engines

Even though most of us use Google when searching for information on the internet, it is not considered a good source for academic research. The reason for this is that Google only skims a very small portion of the overall web.  Its findings are only the most popular sites and not necessarily those that can be trusted for research.

 When students are assigned a project, the following sites search the deep web and return results that can be used for school work. 


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KidzSearch provides a special search environment made just for kids that includes: results that are always safe, quality results, safe image results, and  free learning games. Students have access to thousands of the best online learning games to help teach subjects in a fun and highly entertaining manner on just about any topic.



Kidtopia is a Google custom search engine of SELECTED sites.  Like Infotopia, Kidtopia includes only sites previously recommended by librarians and teachers.  It is aimed at providing information for lower and middle elementary students.

Sweet Search

sweet search

SweetSearch searches only Web sites that research experts, librarians and teachers have evaluated and approved as high-quality content appropriate for young users. Only the best sites directed at elementary school students are included, and many of the results on the first page were created exclusively for kids.



 Infotopia is created by the same people at Kidtopia but serves upper elementary, middle, and some high school. It also includes only sites previously recommended by librarians and teachers