Senior Section information due in October 2021


Step 1 – Senior Information

  • How you want your name printed in the yearbook. Do you want your middle name, initial, etc.? Example: John Smith, John David Smith, or John D. Smith. Nicknames will NOT be printed.
  • Favorite Quote: Be sure to give credit to the author.  Please use common sense when you select this.  The quote must be “clean” with no hidden meaning. We reserve the right to ask for an alternative quote if it is deemed inappropriate.
  • School & Extracurricular Activities: Example: Football ’17-20; Basketball ’17-21; Link Crew ’17-20; Redline ’18-21
  • Click the link below to submit the items above.  You must sign in with your school email in order to submit.

Step 2 - Pictures

  • Use your laptop or iPad to do this, it is difficult to do this on your phone.
  • Check your “shared with me” in Google Drive. The folder is last name, first initial (Ex: Torre, G) It was shared with you by KHS Yearbook on 9/15/2020.
  • Side Pictures - Drop in two pictures you would like to appear on the side of your main portrait that meet the following criteria:

o   They must be digital. Saved as a jpeg, tif or png file format; jpeg is best.

o   They must be portrait orientation. No landscape pictures will be accepted.

o   They don’t have to be professional – they can be pictures you have taken with your own phone. Students in the past have included pictures with family, pets and friends. Selfies are not encouraged. 

o   Please save them as first and last initial and side1/side2. For example, I am Gena Torre, so I would save mine as gtSide1 and gtSide2. This is extremely important we need to know which pictures should be included with your main portrait.

o   If your pictures were taken by a professional photographer other than Art Rich Photography, you will need written permission from the photographer to use them in the yearbook.  Please ask them to email Mrs. Torre with a release -

o   The school’s administration will be notified if there are any pictures of concern.  You may be asked to submit different pictures if they are deemed inappropriate for a school publication.

  • Baby Picture – We plan to have a baby picture collage in the book.  If you have a baby picture, please drop that in the folder as well.
  • Senior Collage Pictures - We are asking for any pictures from your four years at KHS that you might like to see included in the yearbook; please drop these in the folder as well. We cannot promise that every picture will be used, but will do our best.
  • Main Portrait - Art Rich Photography will get your main portrait that you selected to me.  You don’t need to do anything.

PLEASE don’t wait until October 19th to do this! Submit your info TODAY!

Questions? See Mrs. Torre in Rm. 2110 or send an email to