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Art ClubRm 3104 - Advisors: Mrs. Tippett & Mrs. Carver

Astronomy ClubRm 3207 - Advisor:  Mr. Listorti  

B.A.S.S ClubRm Career Center Conference Room  - Advisor:  Ms. Guari

Chemistry ClubRm 3207 - Advisor: Mr. Listorti

Dance ClubRm 2112 - Advisor: Ms. Baxter

Doo-Wop ClubRm 1705 - Advisor: Mr. Carnaroli

Drama ClubRm 1112 -  Advisor: Ms. Baxter & Ms. Greene

Environmental ClubRm 2211 - Advisor: Mr. Wuenscher

Equestrian ClubRm 3115 - Advisor: Ms. Chmura

eSports  ClubRm 1713 - Advisor: Mr. Tocchio

Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)Rm 2104 - Advisor:  Mrs. Guillot

FFARm Ag Center Library  - Advisors: Mrs. Cardinal, Mrs. Kegler, Mrs. Knowlton

Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA)Rm 2116 - Advisor: Mr. Hoskins

Guitar ClubRm 1712 -Advisor: Mr. Manning

Hackey - Sack Club

Rm 1202 - Advisor: Mr. Intrieri

KHS MentorsRm School Counseling - Advisor: Mrs. Ponciano

Link CrewRm Auditorium - Advisor: Mr. Marcoux

Long Journey ClubRm 1112 - Advisor: Chrissy Bulmer

Model UN ClubRm 2117 - Advisor: Mrs. Gutierrez

National Honor Society (NHS)NHS is an organization whose members are selected on the basis of the commitment they have exhibited to scholarship, leadership, service and character. Juniors and seniors are invited to apply at the beginning of the school year if their grade point average is 3.65 or above.

Meetings: During Extended Advisory in RM 3212

Advisor:  Mr. Messier   -

Redline NewspaperRm  2206 Advisor: Mr. Martin

Robotics Club Rm 1713 Advisors: Mr. Hutson & Mr. Richards

Russian ClubRm Foods Room (Across from Rm 1210) - Advisor: Mrs. Habersang

 Scientific Inquiry Club
Rm 3207 - Advisor:  Mr. Listorti

SKI ClubRm 2212 - Advisor: Mr. Lewerk

Student Council 
Rm 3110 - Advisor: Mrs. Sirimongkhoune

Table Tennis ClubRm Cafeteria - Advisor: Ms. Grant

Technology Student Association  (TSA)Rm 1513 - Advisor: Mr. Hutson

Voice Acting ClubRm 2116 - Advisor: Mr. Hoskins

Weight Lifting ClubRm  Weight Room - Advisor: Mr. Harrington

Writers Club

Rm Career Center - Advisor:  Ms. Dougherty