Nicholas Bousquet
Business & Computer Science
Room: 2102 | Office: 2101

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Personal Creativity + Coding Skills = Empowerment!

In this digital age, computer science skills are no longer optional—coding is a basic skill that drives innovation, equity, and empowerment in ALL fields. Let’s create your first mobile app, discover life-changing insights in big data, and transform how we work, play, and connect with others! Click the thumbnail below to explore how computer science is changing everything...

I have been leading hands-on, inquiry-, and project-based STEM education for over two decades. My passion is growing all students’ creativity and confidence as we broaden participation in computing. Partnerships with Mobile CSP, NCWIT, Girls Who Code, UVA Tapestry, GGM@ICERM, Technovation Girls, Exploring CS, and Bootstrap (to name a few) help us implement best practices and reduce stereotype threats as we work to guarantee personal and professional empowerment for all.

CSforAll is equity and empowerment for all.

Nick Bousquet

Lead CS Teacher