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A & B Day Schedule

A Day Schedule

1A- Prep

Pride Block

2A- Floriculture and Greenhouse Management

3A- Horticulture 2 (Semester Long Course)

B Day Schedule

1B- Floriculture and Greenhouse Management

2B- Duty/Prep

3B- Nursery Landscape

4B Horticulture 2 (Semester Long Course)


The Agricultural Experience Tracker (AET)

  • AET is where all students in the agricultural education program track their Supervised Agricultural Experience records.  The code for our chapter is: CT0001.  

National FFA Website

  • The National FFA Website includes resources for all students to access, including Career Development Information, Application information, etc. 

DV Flora (Wholesale Flowers)

  • Our wholesale flower distributor link for students to access when doing projects.  
Soil Composting Field Trip- October 23rd, 2019

On October 23rd, 2019 the plant science class went to the Center for Sustainable Agriculture in RI and got an introduction to the basics of sustainability in healthy soil and its organic life. They participated in demonstrations on sustainable composting techniques, and were able to create their own small compost piles.

October 22nd, 2019- SAE Showcase

The SAE Showcase allows all Ag 1 students the opportunity to meet with the upperclassmen, and view poster boards they created on their SAE's.  They are able to brainstorm their own SAE ideas based off of what they have seen, and are expected to interview an upperclassmen with questions they have about the SAE process.

FFA Corn Maze- October 19th, 2019

The Killingly FFA held its annual corn maze on October 19th.  The proceeds (both money and donated goods) are all brought to the Assissi Food pantry to help feed those in need.  Children that went through the corn maze learned more about many different aspects of agriculture, and got a free pumpkin at the end.  We had over 50 high school volunteers to make this event such a success!

Fun in the Soil!

Horticulture 2 students have been learning about soil science and how it affects crop growth. In these photos students were learning to identify the different types of textures based on how they feel doing textural tests.