Attendance at KHS


For wondering if their child is in school or not that day:  Attendance needs for each student were (will be) decided between each individual student and their teacher during the first week of summer school based on each student’s need.  You should contact that teacher directly to clarify if there is any confusion regarding whether your student should be coming in or attending remotely.”


For a parent who is wondering if it is okay for their child to miss because of vacation, etc: Any absences should be communicated directly to the student’s summer school teacher. While there is flexibility this summer with how students are able to meet expectations to get credit, students and families must understand that August 6th is the firm deadline for turning in any work for it to count towards awarding of credit and that missing days puts them at risk of not meting this goal.


Attendance at KHS  - (School Year starting August 2021)

To inform the school your child will be absent, tardy or dismissed early please email as follows:


Attendance Secretary – Tami Lupien 860-779-6627

Please contact the attendance secretary Mrs. Lupien at 860-779-6627 or  and let her know of your child’s absence.

Early Dismissal:

If your student needs to leave early for a medical appointment, please email  prior to 10:00 am on the day of the dismissal.  Your student will dismiss through the front doors.  You do not need to sign them out in the Main Office. 

Tardies/Late Arrivals:

As always, students are encouraged to come to school on time each day.  If a student arrives tardy to school, they will need to sign in at the tardy table outside the main office.  

Tardy notes will not be accepted in any form except email.  Please send all tardy excuses to  

Thank You!