Attendance at KHS

To inform the school your child will be absent, tardy or dismissed early please email as follows:

Attendance Secretary - Tami Lupien (860) 779-6627

To report a student absent from school please email

1.  Hybrid Students on their off Cohort Days and Distance Learners: When a student is marked absent from class, it is because the teacher has set a clear expectation that the student should have been logged into class. If you are questioning this absence please email or call the teacher directly. They can provide you with more detailed information.

If your Hybrid or Distance Learner student will be absent for the entire day, please contact the attendance secretary Mrs. Lupien 860-779-6627  or and let her know of your child's absence.

2. Distance Learners: If your child is going to miss one or more classes but not the entire day of classes, please email the teachers and let them know that your child will not be attending those particular classes.

If your student needs to attend a dental or medical appointment and they are Distant Learning, (meaning they are home and not physically at school) and will miss one or more classes, they will be marked absent for the class or classes missed. We are unable to use medical or dental notes to cover these individual classes.


Early Dismissals:    (This only applies to students in-school. When distant learning please advise your teacher via email of an appointment and that you will not be in class.)

Due to the current circumstances, we will not be accepting written notes for students dismissing early. This information should be sent through prior to 10 am on the day of the dismissal.  Once the person picking up the student buzzes the front door, we will have your student leave class and exit the school without stopping in the main office.

Tardies/Late Arrivals:

As always, students are encouraged to come to school on time each day.  This will mitigate any concerns about cohort mixing. Due to the current circumstances, if a student arrives late to school, they will be held in the Isolation Room until the current period ends.  When the next period beings, the will need to go to their Advisory and get their desk shield and take it to their next class.  Tardy notes will not be accepted in any form except email.  Please send all tardy excuses to

As you know, these are unprecedented times and we appreciate your understanding.