School Counseling

Our Mission

To assist all students in the process of personal, academic, and career development so that they may reach their full potential as productive citizens in a changing society. 


A comprehensive school counseling program is predicated on the belief that all students are unique and dynamic individuals, capable of becoming responsive and productive adults. Our program is proactive and preventative in nature and is committed to meeting the needs of all students using age appropriate programs and lessons delivered systematically by professional school counselors. 



SUBJECTS: English, Math, Science, Social Studies, Phys. Ed.  Please note that Phys. Ed. is being offered for credit recovery as well as proactively, and incoming 8th graders are eligible to take the course.

 DATES AND TIMES: July 1st-August 2nd  (no class on the July 4th holiday) Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9:00am to 12:00pm. 

 COST: $25.00 (For KHS Students) payable by cash or check made out to KHS.  After June 13th, registration will be open to non-KHS students.  The fee for non-KHS students will be $300 for core subjects, and $150 for Phys. Ed.

 Important note: In order to receive credit, daily attendance is mandatory. Only one (1) absence is permitted.

Please reserve your spot by registering at the KHS School Counseling office Monday through Friday, 7:00am to 3:00pm. After June 13th registration will be open to non-KHS students, who will have registration information requirements.

School Counseling Staff

Mrs. Colligan, Lead Counselor
Grades 10-12 Last Names So-Z
(860) 779-6644
Mr. Marcoux
International Students and 8th Grade Outreach
(860) 779-6642
 Mr. Walker
All Grade 9 Students
(860) 779-6643
Mrs. Malerba
Grades 10-12 Last Names A-Ga
(860) 779-6641
Mrs. Ponciano 
Grades 10-12 Last Names Ge-N
(860) 779-6648


Ms. Magnano
Grades 10-12 Last Names O-Sm
Mr. Hurd
School Counselor


Ms. Placido
Alternative Education Center Students



Ms. Woronick
Social Worker

Mrs. Loomis

School Counseling Administrative Assistant
(860) 779-4122

Mrs. Ney

School Counseling Administrative Assistant
(860) 779-4121

Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements for the Classes of 2020 through 2022

Class of 2011 through 2022 Credits Required
Social Studies (incl. U.S. History & American Citizenship)
Science (including Biology) 
Physical Education
Health (required in Grades 9 or 10) 
Career Education, Technical Education or the Arts
Electives (.50 in a computer course)

3.00  3.00

Total: 24.00


Graduation Requirements for the Class of 2023 and Beyond

Class of 2023 & each class thereafter Credits Required

Social Studies (including American Citizenship)
Physical Education
Health (required in Grades 9 or 10)                                    World Language
Humanities Electives (including Art)
STEM Electives                                                                     Mastery Based Performance course                                    Additional Electives

1.00  1.00
3.00  1.00  3.00

Total: 25.00


Performance Graduation Requirements (PGRs) for All Classes

All Killingly High School students are required to complete PGRs in eight (8) areas:

1.  Education/Career Portfolio                                 5.  Oral Communication

2.  Use of Computer Technology                             6.  Reading for Information

3.  Persuasive Argument                                          7.  Response to Literature

4.  Numeric Problem Solving                                   8.  Community Services (40 hours)

Students must meet both the required credits and achieve mastery in PGRs 1-8.  Students may fulfill PGRs through specific courses and through some standardized tests.

Killingly High School uses the Carnegie Unit System of credits. Within this system, year-long courses meet every-other day all year and earn one credit. Semester-long courses meet every-other for half a year and earn .5 credit.

All students must demonstrate proficiency in computer literacy. Proficiency may be demonstrated by the acquisition of a minimum of 1/2 credit in a Computer Literacy course. Students entering from districts other than Killingly will be given the opportunity to demonstrate proficiency or other similar skills.

Economics, Business Law, Psychology, Sociology, and Contemporary Issues may be counted as social studies credits. One year of Accounting may be counted as a Mathematics credit through the Class of 2022.

Physical Education credit requirements may be waived upon the annual receipt of a certificate from a physician stating that physical education is contraindicated. The total number of credits for graduation is still required and may be obtained by selecting an additional course(s).

Courses that meet the "Career Education, Technical Education or the Arts " requirement include choices from Art, Business & Computer Science, Workplace Readiness, Family and Consumer Sciences, Music, Technology Education, and Agricultural Education.

Killingly High School Profile 2018-2019

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Program of Studies 2018-2019

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