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Broadcast Journalism (KTV)


Broadcast Journalism is a year long intensive college prep course where students develop their news reporting skills.  An emphasis is placed on improving communication skills through research, interviews, videography, script writing and video editing.  Through their daily work, students will produce our schools news program KTV for broadcast on YouTube @killinglyhightv and on Atlantic Broadband Channel 22.


The Film Production course at KHS emphasizes "advanced" film making techniques.  Students in this course will work together as a movie crew to produce longer projects including documentaries and short films.  Focus will be placed on screenwriting, casting, storyboarding, and all the elements necessary to complete an actual film production.  This course will stress teamwork and will require extra time outside of the class for filming.  Completed projects will be shown to the public at the annual Quiet Corner Film Festival.

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The KHS Productions class at Killingly High School is a real world working production company that is set up and run by students.  Students in this course will work closely with community business partners.  KHS Productions services Windham County and specializes in Corporate Videos and Video Marketing.  Students in the past have worked with companies like Frito Lay, Day Kimball Hospital, Mystic Seaport, Web Industries and more.  Students could also record after school events and activities like sports, concerts & drama productions.  Students in this class would be REQUIRED to complete some filming outside of the regular school day.

Need community service hours?

Need some extra spending money?

Students in KHS Productions can earn minimum wage for their time filming outside of  regular school hours. 

See Mr. Durand for more information


The Advanced Editing & Effects course builds on the basic editing skills attained in Intro to Video Tech.  Students develop improved editing speed and style and also delve into the application of Adobe After Effects with students completing creations of basic visual effects, motion graphics, video compositing and basic animation.


The Intro to Video Tech class at Killingly High School is the prerequisite for all other courses in Video Production.   Students get hands on training in aspects of both studio and field production.  Learn how to work studio production equipment and produce news programs, talk shows and more.  Also, explore the fundamentals of creating videos on location such as commercials, PSA's, music videos & more.  Learn how to shoot in conditions outside of the studio setting and the basics of video editing on Adobe Premiere Pro.

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Dan Durand

KHS Video Technology Teacher


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