All students will be assigned to an Advisory/Intervention/Enrichment class called Pride Block. Teachers and staff participating in the Pride Block are committed to providing a caring environment that fosters one-to-one student-adult relationships.  Pride Block will meet on a regular schedule that provides an opportunity for students to receive additional teacher support and engage in enrichment opportunities that may include individual or group activities. 

The goals of the Pride Block are:

  • Build community and a sense of belonging
  • Support student academic achievement by providing additional support
  • Provide a time for enrichment opportunities
  • Improve school climate and student behavior
  • Provide students with personal meaning and sense of continuity in the high school experience

Pride Block teachers will monitor and develop a personal relationship with their students and assist them in obtaining the support they need to be successful in all aspects of their high school experience.  Students who are current in all their work may take advantage of a variety of co-curricular, enrichment and extension activities.

Backpacking is part of the intervention process.  Teachers will consult one-on-one with students about their academic, behavioral, social and attendance progress.  Participation in PRIDE Block is mandatory for all students and faculty.