Killingly Alternative Learning Program (ALPS)

Alternative Learning Program Description
The Alternative Learning Program for Students (ALPS) offers a unique opportunity for students seeking a change in their current educational program.  ALPS helps students facilitate new ways of approaching their learning in a supportive, hands-on environment while still enabling them to pursue a Killingly High School diploma.
The program provides a smaller, more personalized approach in the context of an off-campus location. Staffing consists of two teachers, a secretary and a school counselor, all whom are committed to promoting student success. Enrollment is limited 25 students from grades nine through twelve and the small student-to-teacher ratio is intended to guarantee that each student's educational program is as individualized as possible. Crucial to this "one student at a time" philosophy is the program's emphasis on identifying and capitalizing on the personal interests and abilities of each student. "Relationships, relevance, and rigor" are central to preparing students for success in post-secondary educational and employment opportunities, and students are encouraged to apply new learning, knowledge, and skills to real-life situations.
There is strong emphasis on performance at ALPS.  The general curricula of Killingly High School are followed including Edgenuity classes.  All Alternative Program students meet all credit requirements for a Killingly High School diploma as well as completion of PGRs

ALPS Admissions

An important consideration in seeking admittance to the program is the understanding that ALPS is a program of choice, and that students who attend ALPS elect to do so.
The process of applying to the program involves submitting a formal application, followed by an interview involving ALPS staff, the student, and a supportive parent/guardian.  If the student chooses to follow through on the application process, a "shadow day" is scheduled so a prospective student has the opportunity to follow a current ALPS student through a day in the program.
If the student is considered to be a suitable candidate for the program, he/she will either be admitted if openings are immediately available, or placed on a waiting list for admission at a later date.

ALPS Application

Welcome to ALPS!
ALPS Staff Contact Information 
Mrs. Brenda Despathy
  (860) 779-6660  
English & Social Studies Teacher  
Steve Craig
  (860) 779-6662  
Math & Science Teacher  
Salvatore Intrieri
  (860) 779-6660  
School Counselor
Ms. Barbara Placido
  (860) 779-6661 
79 Westfield Avenue
Killingly, CT  06239
Phone:  860-779-6660
Fax:  860-779-7225