The visual arts program at Killingly High school provides an opportunity for self-discovery through personal, creative expression. The primary academic expectations met within these courses include effective self-expression, using technology effectively and appropriately, and using critical thinking and communication skills to solve problems in real-world contexts. Students will examine cultural artwork from present day and historical contexts. An effort is made to provide a sequential experience and students should note that the College Board recommends that all students preparing to enter college should be proficient in at least one of the arts. Students considering a arts course should understand that "talent" is not a prerequisite; rather a willingness to think, work, and create.


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Courses & Clubs

Fine Arts

Fine Arts Pathway Information

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Art Exploration



Craft Arts


Drawing 1

This course will focus on the fundamentals of drawing. Emphasis will be placed on the drawing process (seeing vs. looking). Students will work with a variety of different drawing media and learn and experiment with many techniques. A range of subject matter will be explored including: observation, still life, portraiture, texture studies, perspective, and non-objective, and/or  imaginative images. This course is designed to train you on how to see, think, and work like an artist. We will practice a variety of skill building techniques that help with drawing what you see, creating detail, and adding interest and variety to your drawings to capture interest.

Drawing 2

This course is open to students who have completed the drawing 1 course and have a sincere interest in advancing their drawing skills.  Students will be introduced to various new drawing media and techniques. Classroom drawing problems will be assigned to challenge the students' creativity and technical skills using various drawing media such as pencil, oil and chalk pastels, charcoal, conte crayon, and ink. There will be a strong focus on the importance of mark making and drawing from real-life observation with additional assignments allowing for student choice.  Students will be asked to create weekly Ipad drawings using Procreate. There will be several additional sketchbook drawing assignments that students will be responsible for. Drawing 2 students are expected to show increased mastery of vocab, material use, art processes, craftsmanship, & critique

Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Graphic Design 1

This course is designed to introduce students to the field of digital design.  In this course, students will focus on understanding and confidently using Adobe Illustrator. In this course, students will begin to explore the power of Adobe Illustrator by learning the functionality of the various tools available. There will also be a strong emphasis on learning the principles of design and using them in order  to create impact and clearly communicate with an audience.  Students will work in groups to reflect and critique work throughout the semester. Student assessment in this course will be project-based. 

Graphic Design 2

This course is designed for serious art and graphics students who wish to pursue knowledge in the area of computer generated design. Students in Graphic Design 2 will continue to explore various design situations that require them to create real life and unique visual solutions. Adobe Photoshop will be introduced and used along side Adobe Illustrator.  Students will be able to work within both of these programs confidently and independently to solve more challenging design assignments. Students will evaluate themselves and others through written and oral critiques. Student assessment in this course will be project-based. 

Digital Imaging

Digital Imaging

This course is a Fine Arts approach in computer imaging. Students will be working in Adobe Photoshop to create original works of art using a variety of resources together including photographs, scanned images and objects, digital painting, and more.   Students will develop a deep understanding of how Photoshop tools work and be expected to carry this knowledge forward in each project showing more developed and skilled Fine Art Photographs with each assignment. Various professional Digital Artists will be studied as we approach different ways of turning photographs into layered works of art. Students will use be able to use an SLR digital camera to take their own photographs.  Digital Photography 1&2  is not a prerequisite, but is highly recommended.


Pop Up Art

Pop Up Art


It does not matter what your skill level is! Put aside that voice in your head that says I'm not an artist because this club is designed for all students that enjoy creating and making. The goal of this club is to work collaboratively on large-scale projects that promote the arts, as well as, positivity. If you are interested in joining or if you would like to know more, please reach out to either Mrs. Carver or Mrs. Temple. 

This club runs both PRIDE blocks on club days in room 3106. 

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