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Killingly High School is located in the northeast corner of Connecticut, “The Quiet Corner” in Windham county. The town has a population of approximately 15,000 and is centrally located within forty miles of Providence, Hartford, and Worcester, and just an hour and a half from Boston. It is comprised of mostly middle to low-income families working in the professional, industrial, mercantile, and business environment in the surrounding areas.


Killingly High School is a four- year, comprehensive secondary school fully accredited through the New England Association of Schools and Colleges and the Connecticut State Department of Education. Killingly High School offers advanced placement, UConn ECE honors, college preparatory, and general education courses. All offerings are leveled, with the degree of difficulty and amount of preparation identified for each course. Level I: UConn ECE/Advanced Placement • Level II: Honors Level III: College Preparatory • Level IV: General Preparation


2020 - 2021 KHS Spring Student Achievements


2020 - 2021 KHS Winter Student Achievements