Unified Arts


KCS artists expand their vision and skills as they explore drawing, collage, sculpture and mixed media. All art lessons are sufficiently open ended to encourage individual problem solving at the appropriate developmental level. While the design of the art lessons directs students toward a specific concept or lesson objective, one of the unique aspects of the art curriculum is that there is never a "right answer". Instead, individual artists develop their own approaches and the group learns from seeing multiple solutions. 


Ms. Folan


Ann Folanafolan@killinglyschools.org





While at KCS, all students will work towards developing competencies in locomotor skills, non-locomotor and manipulative skills.  Locomotor skills include, hopping, galloping, jogging, and jumping.  Non-locomotor skills are balancing and rolling.  Manipulative skills comprise tossing, throwing, catching, dribbling, and kicking.

Students also work towards the development of the knowledge and appreciation of maintaining an overall healthy lifestyle.


Miss Becker


          Alexandra Becker



Here at KCS, we teach our students to be tuneful, beatful, and artful. Using elements of song, instruments and dance.  Our K-1 students are constantly moving, experiencing, and creating music. Through this, students learn elements of music such as beat, rhythm, dynamics, and of course how to explore and use our singing voices. 


Music 2






Kim Conde & Cindy Hall




The library at KCS is a unique and amazing discovery zone for our young and curious student population.  Children can indulge their imaginations exploring a wide range of topics and genres. Our collections of picture books, fictitious adventure stories, historical fiction, graphic novels, biographies, fairy tales and legends, and science and humanities publications provide something for everyone. 

Best loved authors are well represented throughout the shelves, be it the ever popular Dr. Suess, Mo Williams, James Dean, Leo Lioni, or Denise Flemming, to name a few.  We use the smart board to enhance our reading experience with songs, videos, or interviews with authors and illustrators. 

Genuine excitement fills the air at book check-out time, proving that books play a very important and enjoyable part of our daily learning experience at Killingly Central School.