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Killingly Central School, comprised of approximately 380 students in grades PK, K, and 1, offers an exceptional early childhood experience where highly qualified staff provide a nurturing environment that supports the development of a growing child.  At Killingly Central School, we believe in developing the social, emotional, physical, and academic learning needs of every student through child-centered, individualized learning opportunities.  Embedding the virtues of PBIS and Responsive Classroom within our school's culture, Killingly Central School provides a safe learning environment where members of the school community work towards being "kind and safe". 

Academics are supported through a workshop model in both reading and writing, resulting in students becoming fluent and avid readers and writers.  Foundational math skills are fostered through hands-on learning opportunities that promote the independent use of problem solving skills and strategies.  Killingly Central School also believes in the importance of play for academic and social development and success. 

In addition to a daily 30 minute recess, where students have access to a state of the art playground, every PK, K, and 1 classroom offers a daily opportunity for students to engage in play through scenario work.  Play is student driven, purposeful and embeds science, social studies, ELA, and mathematical standards as well as developing student's executive functioning skills while promoting creativity and collaboration. 

Killingly Central School values our families and recognizes the important role that guardians play in the development of each of our students.  We welcome volunteers in the classroom and offer many family engagement opportunities throughout the school year.