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As usual, the school year seems to fly by.  Next week each classroom at Goodyear will be hosting virtual family get togethers on zoom to showcase just a sampling of the many learning activities your child has experienced this past year.  To all of our kiddos and families moving on to kindergarten, good luck.  Hope kindergarten is ready for you!  If your child is returning to Goodyear, see you in late August.  And to all of you, hope you have a safe and fun-filled summer.  ENJOY!

Sally Sherman

End of Year Gatherings

Room 4, Mrs. Herrick:  Thursday June 3, 5:00

Room 5, Ms. Racine:  Wednesday June 2, 5:30

Room 6,  Ms. Hollis:  Wednesday June 2, 5:30

Room 7,  Mrs. Carbone-Harms:  Wednesday June 2, 5:30

Room 8, Mrs. Hill:  Wednesday June 2, 5:30

Room 9, Mrs Stravato:  Wednesday June 2, 5:30

Room 10:  Mrs. Nordman: Thursday June 3, 5:00


                                                                              Handbook COVID-19 Addendum, SY 20-21
1. Children in preschool are now required to wear masks. Each child will be assigned a table shield which can be used anytime children are seated at a table.
2. Staff ARE required to wear face coverings; face shields also are available to staff. Classroom teaching teams will determine a schedule to allow for face covering/mask breaks.
3. Cohorting is the primary prevention strategy for preschoolers due to the unrealistic nature of asking preschoolers and preschool staff to maintain social distancing. As a result, classroom size will be consistent with current CT Office of Early Childhood guidance.
4. Each cohort/classroom group will be maintained as strictly as possible.
5. All children coming to school by bus will be met by classroom staff and escorted directly to their classroom. At dismissal, children will be escorted to the bus by their classroom staff.
6. Parent drop off and pick up will take place at specific exterior doors. Each classroom will have an assigned door. Staff will sign children in and out of the building. Parents/family members are expected to maintain social distancing while waiting to drop off/pick up. Due to COVID-19, no parents and/or visitors will be allowed into the building.
7. Classroom environments will continue to support the learning and social-emotional needs of preschool children however teachers may ….
 Reduce the number of children allowed in each center.
 Distance centers/tables when appropriate
 Space children apart during meals and rest.
 Create individual containers for frequently used materials (crayons, glue stick)
8. Heightened cleaning and disinfection will take place.
 Surfaces and objects that are frequently touched, especially toys and games, are part of a routine of cleaning, sanitizing and disinfection.
 Materials will not be shared with other classrooms, unless they are thoroughly cleaned.
 Frequently touched playground surfaces will be cleaned prior to each classroom’s use.
 Enhanced overall cleaning will be provided by school custodial staff.

Killingly Public Schools Preschool

Frequently Asked Questions Related to COVID-19 and Preschool


1.       Does my child need to wear a mask?

             Yes.  Preschool age children are now required to wear a mask.

2.       Why can’t I visit my child’s classroom?

Visitors will not be allowed into any classrooms for the safety of your child as well as others.  We recognize this may be your child’s first experience with school and/or being with adults other than family and friends.  We understand that building a trusting relationship between families and staff is critical.  We will partner with you to work out a solid communication system that supports both home and school. 

3.       My child is crying and I have to leave him/her at school like that?!

Separating from loved ones can be difficult for you and your child.  Our experience tells us that once children are engaged in the classroom, they begin to settle in.  We can send you a text and/or a photo to help alleviate your worries or feel free to call our office and a staff member can check on them.  We value and embrace how important positive relationship building is for learning and dedicate the first six weeks of school to do just that. 

If on the other hand, your child doesn’t even seem to notice you have left or are not here, that’s typical too!

4.     What about special education and services like speech, occupational, and physical therapy?

Children who have an Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) will receive all of the services they are entitled to.  Staff will be working directly with children but will of course be following heightened health and safety precautions.  It is best to reach out directly to providers to get more detailed, individualized information on what that might look like for your child.

5.       What happens if my child has COVID-19 symptoms?

Per the state plan, children who have any symptoms of COVID-19, must be sent home and remain home for 10 days.  Each situation is unique so it is best to discuss with our school nurse.  Your child will be brought to a separate area and of course supervised, until you, or someone you have approved in writing to pick up your child, arrives. 

6.       What happens if the school has to be closed and children move to distance learning from home?

Our staff will offer a family friendly distance learning plan which includes a learning choice board, virtual classroom meetings, and virtual small group instruction.  Special education and therapy services will continue in a similar fashion.  Tuition is of course waived should all learning be provided remotely.