•        I love to collect heart rocks!
    Ms. Diane Hanson
    Room #119
    Welcome to Kindergarten!
     Six more weeks of winter!! "Will we cry? Goodness no! We'll just keep on singing our song!" (adapted from Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons). As Pete the Cat has modeled for the children, we don't cry when things don't go as we had hoped, we just keep on doing what we need to do. In spite of all the snow day cancellations and delayed openings, holidays and vacations, we have managed to stay on course throughout these winter months. And six more weeks of winter?? No problem! The children have sharpened their scientific observation skills as they've noticed the changes in the seasons and the weather through our spacious windows. Indoor recess?? No problem! The children have used the opportunity to further develop our Iditarod kennel - training and feeding puppies, building cages, and exercising the pups as well! Bone-chilling cold?? No problem!! The children have had lots of practice putting on their own coats, zippering independently, and figuring out how to get all those little fingers inside mittens and gloves! And, as if that weren't enough, they are becoming super readers, talented writers, and great mathematicians as well! As their teacher, I am delighted with the growth they've demostrated thus far - both academically and socially, and I'm looking forward to the wonderful month of March when there are no breaks in our schedule...and of course, the arrival of SPRING!