• Frequently Asked Questions
    1.  What are the Superintendent's Office hours of operation? 
    The Superintendent's Office, located at 79 Westfield Ave., Killingly Ct  is open from 8:00 a.m. through 4:30 p.m.
    2.  Where do I register my children for school?
     There are two elementary schools, Killingly Memorial School and Killingly Central School. 
    Killingly Central Schools serves grades prek-grade 1.   Killingly Memorial School serves grades 2-4. Please call the transportation office at 779-6790 to find out transportation for your child.  If you already know that information, register your child directly at the school.  You may wish to call the school to see what you will need for paperwork.  Killingly Memorial School's telephone number is 779-6680 and Killingly Central School's telphone number is 779-6750. 
    If your child is between 5th and 8th grade, you must register your child at the Killingly Intermediate School.  Calling ahead at 779-6700 to see what paperwork the office would like you to bring could save you a trip.
    If your child is between 9th and 12th grade, you must register your child at the Killingly High School. You may either call the main office at the high school, 779-6620, or the school counseling office at 779-6640 to review their registration process.
    3.  How do I obtain working papers for my child?
    Working papers are required for all 16-17 year old minors (15 year olds for retail establishments who work during vacation weeks).  Working papers can be obtained from the Superintendent's Office, Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 4:30 pm.
    Students must present a written promise of employment from the employer and bring one form of identification (birth certificate, driver's license, passport) or any other form of identification that has their date of birth on it.
    4.  Where do I get emergency school closings information?
    There are a number of ways to receive school closing information.  The message will be placed on our website, television, and the radio.  A letter goes home to parents in the fall indicating which stations will be called.  You can also call our "snow line" at 860-779-6666.  Starting this winter we will be using the AlertNow emergency notification system, which will call you at your primary phone number as soon as delay or closing decisions have been made.  Please make sure your school office has an updated phone number.
    5.  How do I deal with an issue involving my child?
    If you come across an issue regarding your child at school (depending on the type of issue), you should address it with the person involved. If the issue is not resolved, the next step is to make an appointment with the principal of the school so that they are aware of the issue and can be given the opportunity to resolve it. 
    6.  How do I go about using one of the school facilities?
    In order to use of one of the school buildings, fields, parking lots, you will need to complete a form requesting the use.  The form is available on line under "forms" for you to print out. Complete the form and bring to the appropriate building to see if the space is available. Once the form has been signed by the administrator of the building, it will be forwarded to the Central Office for final approval.
    Please be sure that you include a certificate of insurance naming the Killingly Public Schools and the Town of Killingly as additional insured. This is a requirement before approval can be granted.
Last Modified on December 11, 2015