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    Laurie ("Señora") Wasielewski
    Spanish Grades 7-8; World Cultures Grade 6
    Room 113
    Welcome to our Spanish & World Cultures Webpage!  I'm so happy to be teaching your child!
    PARENTS:  Please make sure the office has your newest email for both parents and/or guardians.  If it's new, ask the office to change it on Powerschool since that's where I pull my bulk email addresses to send you all updates.  I have 200 students, so I rely on the bulk email on Powerschool.
    The best way to stay informed is to check Powerschool for grades and missing assignments (allowing about a week after each assignment for me to grade it and put it on PS because I have 200 students!) and ESPECIALLY CHECK OUR GOOGLE CLASSROOM SITE FOR ASSIGNMENTS, WORKSHEETS, QUIZ DATES, GAMES, AND MORE!  The only way for you to get on G. Classroom is to have your child sign in (they do know how).
    OUR SCHEDULE:  Students have Spanish every other day for one semester in 7th and every other day for one semester in 8th grade.  Band & chorus students are pulled out of 6 of our classes during the semester for lessons, some students are pulled out for other events, and students are sometimes out because of other school events or illness.  Spanish is a building block class, which means that if your child misses Spanish class for any reason, it's SUPER IMPORTANT for your child to make up that work within a day or two or (s)he will be lost and do poorly on the subsequent quizzes.  Taking missed quizzes or doing missed assignments weeks later will only hinder him/her in class and on quizzes in the meantime.  It's not a good subject to "wait and get it all done later."
    WE ARE A "SPECIAL" SPECIAL:  Although we are on a "specials" schedule, unlike with other specials, KIS students will be taking a Spanish placement exam at their next school to determine which level of Spanish they will take.   Because of our limited schedule (1/4 year of Spanish in 7th grade and 1/4 year of Spanish in 8th grade is a total of 1/2 year of Spanish over the two years), some KIS graduates will be able to take Spanish 2, depending on a placement test given at KHS, and some students will continue with a more extensive version of Spanish 1.  However, not to worry -- they won't be bored in Spanish 1, because they do a more advanced version than we did this year, and they should do well with it.  Because of this, we must make maximum use of our time or students, especially those who miss class often, can fall behind easily.  Because of this, it is VITAL that your child:  
    PARENTS:  CHECK GOOGLE CLASSROOM DAILY & POWERSCHOOL WEEKLY!  It's the surest way to know if your child is missing work or is struggling and needs extra help.   If you need help logging on, call the office.  This is a key tool to knowing how your student is doing at all times!
    • Attendance in Spanish is important because it's nearly impossible to make up work on your own in a new language -- we do all the important stuff in class!  
    • Homework - The only homework you will have is:  Studying for quizzes (about every 10 days), an occasional project, or work you have missed due to missing class, or work you did not do or complete in the time given in class.
    • MAKE UP WORK, QUIZZES AND TESTS) THAT WEEK (the later they wait, the more trouble they have taking it).  
    •         After school with an appointment made via email which includes when you will be picked up (or if you'll take the late bus)
    • QUIZ & TEST RETAKES should be done no later than 1 week after the quiz was given.  (After that, it gets progressively harder for them to do well on it.)  In order to retake a quiz, the student must show written proof they have studied the material:  corrected their last quiz, made flashcards, or done other written work to study.  Quiz and Test retakes are done after school by appointment (just email me at least one day beforehand).
    Why it is VITAL FOR STUDENTS TO DO WORK ON TIME (or within the timeframe given when they have missed class):
    Students who DO make up work within a couple of days of missing it are:
    • able to understand what we are doing in class and participate well;
    • understand how to to classwork and homework;
    • are better prepared for quizzes and tests;
    • get better grades;
    • learn responsibility and ownership of their learning
    • become more confident learners
    Students who wait too late to make up work are at a disadvantage because they:  
    • Forget to make up the work until it is too late and and multiple 0's mean lower grades;
    • Can become easily confused in class and have difficulty participating;
    • Have more difficulty doing classwork and homework because they have not kept up with the work;
    • Have more difficulty with quizzes and tests; have difficulty earning good grades
    • Lose confidence in their ability
    For these reasons, it would actually be UNFAIR to allow a student to just get work done randomly whenever they get around to it because then it will be too late to help them.  Spanish is like math:  It is sequential and builds upon prior lessons.
    Your students take World Cultures for half the year every other day.   The goal of World Cultures class is to expose students to difference and SIMILARITIES between cultures -- to understand and respect differences, and to also find what we have in common with people from different cultures!