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    ¡Bienvenidos a la clase de español! 

    Español 4:

    In this chapter we will be able to disucss parts and maintainence of a car, services offered at a gas station, and parts of the highway/roadway. This will help us be able to give directions while driving with a friend using our "new car" and our "new city". We will also be expanding our cultural understanding by discussing the Pan-American highway and the efforts being taken to reduce pollution in Spanish-speaking countries. 


    Español 3:

    We are studying about technology and the advance that we have seen over our lifetime. We are also connecting this vocabulary to working in an office setting and in customer service careers. With this disucssion, we are able to use the imperfect-tense which is "story-telling" in the past. It has been a great way to learn about what life was like and make predictions about our future in technology. 


    Español 2:

    In studying beach and ski resorts we created an advertisement for our own resort (beach or ski) describing all the activities that can be done there. We will be presenting them to the class and then take another group’s resort and pretend that we have gone there and describe our experience in a postcard. Since the summer has already come and gone and winter is upon us, our next step is to learn how to speak about past actions/events and how to refer to things already mentioned (pronouns).  This will allow us to take our conversations to a new level.


    You will need the follwing codes for your particular class as we will be using Google Classroom for many assignments.

    Classroom Codes:

    A1 - jlixuoy

    B1 -k47cho

    B2 - xzhvk4

    A3 - w2jmx0

    A4 - 2qmjuqp

    B4 - h5crtko

    I will also use Remind as a way to communicate due dates, reminders of tests, or any announcements.

    Remind Codes:

    A1 -769hk4

    B1 -97kbb

    B2 - 2h8a38

    A3 -k2f37e

    A4- 2af876

    B4 - 3eeba27