Helping Hands at Roger Williams Zoo Helping Hands Field Trip
    Welcome to the site of our "Helping Hands" group!
     Thank you for a wonderful year...you are certainly a caring and hardworking group of students!  I have enjoyed our time together and I thank you for always thinking of others......`Mrs. Gardiner
     NEXT MEETING IS June 8th and this will be our final meeting.
     Thank you to all those who donated or participated in our Relay Field Day and Charity Walk.  Through the efforts of the four groups, over 1200 dollars was raised!
    Never saw so many get so excited about cleaning up the school yard....well done! For the next meeting, if you were responsible for any of the write-ups (i.e. Villa Maria; Cards & Letters from Home), please bring that paper to the meeting.
     (Great Job on Mr. Tagen's Memorial Walls) 
    Thanks to all who helped at Family Night!!!  Good job!  Wonderful job at VILLA MARIA Nursing home visit.....As of right now, due to our trip this week, Thursday's meeting for December 8th is cancelled.
    Family Night (5:30-7:30); Several members have been assigned to work in the Make A Wish Room and the Helping Hands (Letters and Cards from Home to Soldiers) for that night.  Some are also carolling with chorus.  All slots have been filled.  If we need more help, we will definitely ask!  However, we hope everyone and their families will join us for a night of fun! 
     November 17th Meeting:  meeting was in room 218.  We worked on some holiday ornaments.  Permission slips going out soon for Villa Maria Nursing Home (Dec. 6th- 1:00- 4:30)
    Thank you for all members who worked to make the small gym so beautiful for our Veterans!!!  Well done, yet again! 
    Great job today working with Mr. Mugan from Whitson's on our Think Pink Treats for Friday!!!!  Well done!  Yummy chocolate-covered pretzels!
     Helping Hands sign-ups for the 2016-2017 school year will take place at Open House, September 8th, 2016.  If you are unable to attend Open House, please feel free to send me an email at the following address:  mgardiner@killinglyschools.org and put "Helping Hands" in the subject line.  Past members may sign up with me through email, prior to Open House.
    Who are we?  We are an after-school club being offered here at KIS for grades 5-7.  This group will work on various service/community projects throughout the school year.  It will provide experiences so students may gain community service opportunities.
    When does it meet?  Meetings will take place after school approximately twice a month, unless otherwise noted on Meeting Dates Link.  There may also be various gatherings for service-related projects. Should we be working on a project where more time is needed, you and your parents will receive notification. The time for the meetings will be 2:30- 4:00.  (See Link for tentative meeting dates).
    We look forward to having you join us so that we may help others! Should you hear of or know of any opportunity you think our group may be of service to or become involved with, please feel free to let me know! ~ Mrs. Gardiner
Last Modified on June 11, 2017