Killingly Community Service Program is the alternative suspension program.
    Director: Laurie LeClerc
    Phone # 860-779-6711
    New location: 79 Westfield Ave, Vo-Ag entrance.
        Killingly Community Service Program is the alternative to out of school suspension and expulsion for KPS. Students are thrown into our program instead of being thrown out of school. We partner with Access Agency, Connecticut State Police, and Marshall Tourtellotte, LPC, to provide a program that allows students to give back through community service, learn strategies to change their negative behaviors, and stay current on class assignments while they are in our program. When assigned to the program students need to come prepared to work (dressed appropriately) and prepared to study ( bring your books and supplies.) Students need to bring lunch money, and report at 9:00am sharp. Lunch orders will be placed by 9:15am so be prompt!
         Snow shoveling for the elderly or disabled, cleaning, painting, gardening, pruning, for the homeless shelter and food bank, and removing litter and garbage from our downtown area are a few of the projects our students do. Staying current with daily assignments from teachers allows our students to reenter the classroom ready to learn. Behavioral counseling and strategies enables students to learn from their mistakes and improve their abilities to cope during stressful or challenging times.
          KCSP was named the model for the state as the alternative program, and has helped to reduce the suspension rates at KHS by over 60% since inception.  If you have any questions, please call 860-779-6711 and we will try to assist you.