Voice Acting Club 
    Voice Acting Club was founded in September 2013 by Christian Fazzina the original President & Founder.
    This club takes animes, animated films, and cartoons that Voice Actors can have the opportunity in voice acting a character.
    Being inspired: Members of the club were all inspired to be here. Cade Bonsall was inspired by on stage acting when actors changed their voices for a character. Sage Blackmar joined the club for desire for acting but without the crowd. Andrew Duval joined because he wanted to make friends. Lily Cheeks joined because she loves anime and would've love to try it out. Josh Blain joined the Voice Acting Club because getting the knowledge of how to editing videos would be a great skill to have. Christian Fazzina created this club because when he was ten years old, he would watch his brother, sister and their friends doing voice overs and they would always keep him out of it. Since then, to this day he has loved voice acting and created his own club!
    The New Club Year: We are always looking forward for new club members to come participate with us! First time being a Freshmen and don't know what club you want to participate in? Well come join Voice Acting Club! We will give you the best Freshmen year until your Senior year while you're with us! You will find yourself making new friends that you thought you would never be friends with, we recommend you to give Voice Acting Club a shot, we promise you won't regret it. Club meetings are every Tuesday.