• Killingly Community Engagement Council


    The Killingly Community Engagement Council promotes community understanding of, and support for, successfully educating all Killingly schools’ students to their full potential while fostering positive relationships between schools and community through supportive practices and increased communications.



    The Killingly Community Engagement Council strives to achieve the following:


    ·        To develop partnerships utilizing a cooperative effort represented by different organizations

    ·        To collaborate with the Board of Education by providing feedback, questions and concerns between the community and Board of Education, serving as ambassadors in communication with the public at large.

    ·        To develop an organized, coordinated means of communication within the community.



    The Killingly Community Engagement Council believes:


    ·        Education is the foundation for success in becoming a productive and active member of society and our community.  Education equals empowerment.

    ·        Community members play a vital role in  education.

    ·        We value public education.

    ·        The sharing of current and accurate information is powerful.