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    Bill Jackson
    Grade 8
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    I'm Mr. Jackson, the Grade 8 White Team Math Teacher and Team Leader for school year 2018-19.  There are two sections of Math:  Algebra and Grade 8 Math.  Both sections are equally challenging in different ways.
    The Algebra curriculum was created by a group of Expert Teachers sanctioned by the State Department of Education.  The curriculum is very student-centric and is almost totally activity-based.  The style of learning aligns well with new standardized tests and college readiness.  The students will explore concepts in Patterns, Linear Equations and Inequalities, Functions, Linear Functions, and Systems of Linear Equations.
    The Grade 8 Math curriculum also utilizes a modern approach to learning.  The students will explore concepts of Real Numbers, Pythagorean Theorem, Conguence and Similarity, Linear Relationships, Systems of Linear Relationships, Volume and Patterns in Data.  There are many activities and projects incorporated in the curriculum to orient the students toward self-learning and investigation.  The class is set up to minimize lecture and maximize student inquiry.

    This is my sixth year at Killingly Intermediate School.  Previously, I taught Math three years in Hartford, and before that I taught Social Studies for four years at New Britain High.  Teaching is a second, no third, career for me.  I began my professional career working in the private sector for Black & Decker designing consumer products.  After fourteen years, I started my second career as a stay-home dad.  That lasted four years before I finally began my teaching career.  I have found a home at KIS.  The students and staff have been wonderful and my experience at KIS has been very rewarding.  I look forward to every day at KIS!