Hello Everyone:


We will be implementing consistent writing expectations for our students across all disciplines.  When students are writing they should form a Position/Focus Area, have Organization & Structure, Development & Elaborate on their ideas/statements, and use proper conventions of writing.


The KIS writing rubrics will be used help teachers and students build common vocabulary and consistent expectations.


Create a holistic score for each section of the rubric.  As you use the rubric, student evidence may fall in various progressions of effectiveness.  Use your best judgement and use the preponderance of evidence to select either Highly Effective (4), Effective (3), Developing (2), or Novice (1).
Once a score for all four sections is obtained, convert the total raw score to a scale score.
14-16 = (4) Highly Effective
10-13 = (3) Effective
6-9     = (2) Developing
<6      = (1) Novice
Thanks for all you do!