•  Killingly Central School Adress: 60 Soap St., Dayville, CT 06241
     Please click here for Link to Mapquest: https://www.mapquest.com/
    FROM THE NORTH: Auburn/Worcester, MA
    Merge onto I-395 S via the ramp on the left toward Worcester/Norwich CT (Crossing into Connecticut).
    Then 23.61 miles
    1. Take EXIT 43 toward Attawaugan/Ballouville.--Then 0.17 miles

    2. Turn left onto Attawaugan Crossing Rd.- Then 0.49 miles

    3. Turn right at light onto Putnam Pike/CT-12  South.- Then 0.69 miles

    4. Turn right onto Soap St.--Then 0.51 miles

    5. 60 SOAP ST is on the left.