• Mr. DeLeon
    Ray DeLeon
    Grade 8 Social Studies
    Room # 105
    Why Is History Important?
    History is the story of us! It is the most interesting story there is, and proof that "fact" is often more entertaining than "fiction". Although one can go through life with little historical knowledge, to do so, would be as a  person plodding through a dark room...they cannot see where they have been, nor can they see where they are heading. As Americans, we have the privilege of possessing one of the most varied and interesting national histories that exists in the world.
    In 8th Grade United States History, students will be exposed to a plethora of historical sources (print, web and other multi-media) in order for the History of our nation to truly become ALIVE to them! In addition to acquiring historical knowledge, students will also learn the valuable academic tools of outlining, note-taking, researching, critical-thinking, and debating various issues that were relavent both in our past, as well as for us today.
    I have been teaching in Killingly Public Schools for eight years and truly enjoy seeing the spark in my students eyes as History comes alive to them. As a graduate of the Killingly Public School system (class of '91), I am proud to carry the torch for those teachers who inspired my love for History and to be the best educator I can be.