• Mrs. Boots
    How I became a teacher... My love for teaching began when I was a young child watching my older brother who is Autistic.  My brother had great difficulties in school, especially in elementary school.  When entering high school, a special education teacher put all her efforts into my brother to make schooling the most positive environment for him, where he had many opportunities to grow and learn at his own academic pace.  As well, a  principal from our small town worked with my parents to ensure my brother's future would be the most promising for his needs.   When my brother began to learn, based on his own individual needs, he began to love school.  In all areas of my brother's life, home and school, he became more confident.  It was because of one teacher and one principal, that my brother has had much success in his life, and has fond memories of his later schooling.  When I saw the impact a teacher can make on one child, I knew at that moment that I owed my brother, and all other children the same dedication to education and making an impact on students.    
    Years later...
    I am beginning my first year  as the teacher of the The Caterpillar Program. I have been a member of the KCS family for the past 13 years.  I have taught second grade, first grade, and Kindergarten.  I have had the pleasure of working with many students over the years with many needs and supports.  I am very eager to begin the school year and to have the opportunity to work with your child.