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    Ms. Joelle Guillot
    Grade/Subject: Grade 1
    Room 109
    email: jguillot@killinglyschools.org
    Hello Students and Families,
    I cannot believe that it is November already! The time is flying by and I am so pleased with the growth we are making as a class. We have truly become a classroom family. The students are so kind to one another and that really helps our parnerships function smoothly. This benefits everyone. We are continuing to work on our small moment narratives in writing. Students are beginning to add great beginnings, detail, twin sentences, description, conversation and great endings to their work. In reading, I see more and more detail in the retellings they are doing but most exciting is that students know their reading goals and are working on them. Because of this, great growth is beginning to happen. I math, the focus is on true number sense, addition, subtraction and word problems. In science we have studied life cycles and weather. I am getting in depth in teaching them about the first Thanksgiving and the life of the Pilgrims. Please continue to help your child read each night and remind them that the retelling is so important. I always thell them that they aren't really reading if they don't know what they have read. Saying words isn't reading. They can also continue to practice their sight words. Research shows that knowing sight words help improve reading levels as well as using strategies. Conferences are coming up soon. Please go on to my page and follow the directions to sign up for your child's conference. I can't wait to meet with you and discuss your child's progress. Below are our rules and special schedule.
      The classroom rules are:
    1. Follow directions quickly.
    2. Raise your hand for permission to speak.
    3. Raise your hand for permission to leave your seat.
    4. Make smart choices.
    5. Make your dear teacher happy.
    Our special schedule is:
    Day 1:PE Remeber your sneakers!
    Day 2: Art
    Day 3: Music
    Day 4: Library Remember your book!
     Have a great day!!!
    Ms. Joelle Guillot