• Mr. Vaughan
    Name: David H. Vaughan
    Grade/Subject: Music K - 4

    Hello! My name is Mr. Vaughan, and I am going to be your child's music

    teacher. This year looks like it is going to be filled with lots of fun and I am

    looking forward to working with all the children once again. I would like to take

    this opportunity to give you an overview of what you and your child can expect

    from music classes with me this year at Killingly Memorial School.


    I teach Second through Fourth grade. While the specific songs and

    content are usually different for each grade, the basic concepts and activities are

    the same.

    We focus on singing a variety of songs in tune and with proper vocal

    technique. Rhythmic activities, dances, and games are always included to develop

    a strong sense of beat and rhythm.

    The reading and writing of music is introduced and developed in the child's three years at KMS. The students are given opportunities to play simple instruments and the fourth graders spend a good deal of time mastering the fundamentals of playing the recorder.
    We try to give every child a chance to perform for the school in a concert or assembly program. And of

    course, the child is encouraged to seek and participate in all sorts of musical

    experiences at home and in the community.



    My hope is that now I have introduced myself to you, you will feel

    comfortable speaking to me at the KMS Open House or Parent/Teacher


    If you have specific questions or comments of an immediate nature,

    do not hesitate to contact me through a note or letter to school. It is a team effort

    that helps make our children's education fun and enjoyable for all.

    The 2017-18 academic year should be a lot of fun.  The Grade level assembly dates have been penciled into the calendar.  Check out your tunes in another section of the website.







    David H. Vaughan

    Music Teacher