Sherry Zelvin
    School Counselor
    Grades 6
    KIS Pupil Services
    Room #239
    red line

    Hello, I’m Sherry Zelvin, School Counselor for grade 6. I teach the 6th grade Guidance classes which focus on Empathy Training, Communication, Active Listening, Setting SMART goals, Introduction to writing Student Success Plans (SSP) on Naviance - Academic, Career, Personal/Social goals, Anger Management, Skills for Dealing with Bullies, Becoming an Ally, Exploring possible future Careers. For 8th grade students we visit their classrooms Focusing on their Transition to High School, to update their Student Success Plans (SSP) using Naviance, Active Listening Skills, Strategies to Stop Bullying, Taking a Stand - Becoming an Ally, Anger Management Skills, Exploring Career and Academic options - to help our students make informed decisions about their future. For the past fourteen years, I have been fortunate to work at Killingly Intermediate School. I genuinely love working with middle school students.


    We provide academic, social and personal counseling for all students. Along with teaching the Developmental Guidance classes, I create social skills groups, and provide specialized group counseling to special needs students to meet their individual educational and social/emotional needs.      


    I look forward to meeting you.