• Happiness!
    Sara Gagnon
    Grade 6/WHITE TEAM
    Reading and Writing
    Room #224
    Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year!
    Where has summer gone?? I hope everyone has experienced a smooth transition back into school. I am excited to continue the year with this new set of smiling faces. A fresh year is always fun for all of us in the teaching profession.

    WELCOME to the Grade 6-WHITE Team! I will continue to teach two sessions of reading and writing this academic year. Ms. LaHaie's homeroom students, along with my own homeroom students, will come to me for reading and language arts. In reading and writing classes, we will do some reading group work as well as whole group instruction. I chose a variety of literature that will entice all readers throughout the year. We do journal entries, which has been a huge success in getting the students into reading and then responding to what they've read. This is a time for me to see what they know and what we need to discuss further regarding their understanding of the text. I am very excited to teach and implement many creative lessons that align with the teachers college reading and writing workshop.

    My homeroom along with the children from Ms. LaHaie's homeroom will be exposed to many new and exciting approaches to reading/language arts as we continue to align to the common core state standards. Since we have several SMART-boards/ENO Boards/ computers/projectors on the wing this year, all our students will also have the opportunity to experience interactive lessons with this wonderful and creative technology. We all know that TECHNOLOGY and the wonderful tools it has to offer has tons and tons of benefits when it comes to learning. 
    Please feel free to email me if you have any questions or concerns. I will be using REMIND again-this is a wonderful method of keeping parents informed of daily information, homework, and important reminders via text messages on their phones! It is just another positive tool to open the lines of communication between home and school.

    I hope that we will all have a great year together and I look forward to meeting everyone!!

    Sara Gagnon