• Mr. Ramthun
    Name: Mr. Rick Ramthun
    Grade/Subject: 8th Grade/ US History
    Room: #111
    Why study history?
    A fair question and one I hear from parents and students at the beginning of each school year. According to the American Historical Association the study of history helps:

    1. In the understanding of people and societies.

    2. In the understanding change and how the society we live in came to be.

    3. The importance of history in our own lives.

    4. Contributes to morale understanding.

    5. Provides identity.

    6. Essential for good citizenship.

    7. Ability to assess evidence.

    8. Ability to assess conflicting interpretations.

    9. Analyze past examples of change.
    In general, history is the study of how we came to be as a nation and as a people. But this knowledge would be of little use if we never apply this knowledge into today's everchanging world. For example, by examining how the residents of Boston responded to British troops moonlighting allows students to have a better understanding of America's struggle with immigration during tough economic times. My intent is to not only memorize history but to understand how it applys in our everyday lives.