• Mrs. Matheson                    
    Name: Mrs. Matheson
    Grade 5
    Room #127
    Welcome to fifth grade! 
    Welcome!!  I am excited to begin a new year!  To give you a little background information about myself; I have taught third and fourth grade. This is my eighth year at KIS teaching 5th grade.  I love the independence that grows with the kids this year.  It is an experience to watch them be so timid coming in and leaving with such a feeling of accomplishment when they head to sixth grade.
      There are many things that are different for them here at KIS.  Lockers being one!  Plus, they really seem to love that they have four choices for lunch each day!  The day is very fast paced but the kids adjust quickly. 
    Please remember to check your child's planner each night.  Even if there is no homework it will say that inside.  Your child needs to be responsible for showing you the planner and getting the work completed.
    Each night, for Reading/Language Arts your child will be required to read for 25 minutes and record what they have read along with the time and number of pages.  This is important since it allows me to see how they are doing in regards to pace.  If your child writes that they only read 4 pages in 25 minutes then we need to look at the level of the book, it may be too difficult.  And the opposite is true also.  If many pages are read in a 25 minute time period then maybe the book is too easy.  Your child should be reading many books on their level.  It is how they will become a better reader.  Your child will know, and may know now, what their independent reading level is.  I will also be teaching writing to your child.  Most often it is tied into our reading units so it flows nicely. 
    I will also be teaching Social Studies to my homeroom class.
    I am looking forward to another great year in 5th grade.  I am eager to meet all my new students and get to know them.  See you in soon!