• jane camarco  
     Jane Camarco
     Reading Teacher
     Reading Intervention
     Grades 7 & 8
     Room #202
    Welcome to Reading Intervention 2017-2018
    Reading Intervention is a reading program which helps a student with decoding, encoding, fluency, reading comprehension and writing. It is designed for the student to replace confusion, embarrassment and frustration with understanding, confidence and motivation. Failure becomes SUCCESS!
    A student is initially given a Scholastic Reading Inventory (SRI) test on the computer to determine his/her independent reading comprehension level or lexile level. He/she will select books according to his/her ability and choice.
    Reading Intervention class meets 60 minutes every other day. During the class a student will rotate through various small groups. In small group instruction the student will read and discuss theme units focusing on skills such as main idea and supporting details, and sequencing. The student will read independently and respond to the text in the independent reading group. Skills such as reading comprehension, oral fluency, word recognition, vocabulary and spelling will be practiced during class in small group according to the student's ability and need.
    Narrative report cards will be sent home quarterly throughout the school year accompanied by Habits of Work rubric scores.
    Jane Camarco


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