• Lahaie           
    Gretchen LaHaie
    Grade 6 Math
    Room 226


    Welcome to sixth grade math!  Students will be exploring a variety of math topics this year using our new math series GoMath!  Each chapter is a separate consumable work book.  Please take the time to check out each new chapter. You can expect that your child will have some type of homework assignment Monday through Thursday!  Nightly homework assignments can be found in your child's planner and on Remind.  If you have not joined yet, please contact me at glahaie@killinglyschools.org!  In addition, please have your child take some time to review those math facts and re-do and re-submit low grades!  
    How Can I Help My Child Study for an Quiz or Test?
    Use some of the strategies below. 
    1. Check REMIND daily to check for any upcoming assessments.
    2. Plan with your child some time to practice and/or study a concept several days before the quiz/test.
    3. Discuss any notes, classwork, and/or homework in your child's binder. 
    4. Create a practice quiz/test based upon the problems we have done for classwork or homework.
    5. Review the Mid-Chapter Checks and the Chapter Review pages (located in the book after each chapter).
    6. Remember the student textbook is located online.(There is a link on my website)  You can look for additional resources and practice there too.  Thinkcental has Pre-tests and Post-tests that are assigned.
    7. Ask your child to stay after school before an assessment.