•                  Mrs. Gauther's class
    Arlene S. Gauthier
    Grade 6 Reading, L.A., Social Studies
    Room # 218
    Welcome to Sixth Grade 2018-2019

    With the New Year, I wanted to update information for you.  I am your child’s Reading, Language Arts and Social Studies teacher.  I have two classrooms of students; Ms. Schmidt's and my room.  We meet in two sessions each two hours long every day except half day Fridays.  Social Studies is integrated within this time either separately from the textbook or included in units of study, i.e. early civilizations or in the human rights unit.  This particular unit allows me to teach social studies standards through authentic text.  

    Students switch for Math and Science classes and Specials.  Each teacher assigns homework accordingly.  Students should write these assignments in their planners. sent home.  I require reading in the classroom and at home.  Home reading should be Monday-Thursday 30 minutes each night with one 'Book Talk'entry due each week.  Reading/Language Arts skills are assigned during the week and written on the board. Tests for these skills complete the requirements. 

    Please e-mail me at agauthier@killinglyschools.org if you should have any questions.