•  "If I can do THIS, you can do ANYTHING."

    "If I can do THIS, you can ANYTHING."

    Name: Steve Craig
    Grade/Subject: English/Social Studies
    • American Literature 3- Per. 1(A)
    • English 4- Per. 2 (A)
    • CP Contemporary Issues- Per. 4 (A)
    • United States History- Per. 2 (B)
    • Contemporary Issues- Per. 3 (B)
    • English Credit Recovery- Period 4 (B)

    Welcome to KHS English and Social Studies! As the "other Mr. Craig," I have actually been in the Killingly Public Schools district for 18 years as a faculty member of the Killingly Alternative Learning Program (ALPS), and an alternative educator for 25 years in total.  Along with Mr. Intrieri, I am now part of the Alternative Education Center at Killingly High School.  
    The mission in each of our classes is "to promote academic success, modify behavior, and facilitate employability and functional skills attainment, as well as to support career and character education development in an environment that differs from the traditional school setting and offer a more conducive setting for learning."   What this simply means is that through our experience working with students who have struggled at times within the traditional structure of the high school, Mr. Intrieri and I have developed a number of strategies to help students meet with greater levels of school success and to make strong personal connections with us- and with each other.