• Ant Farm
    Name Ms. Linda Alleman
    Grade/Subject Biology
    Room # 2207
    Contact: lalleman@killinglyschools.org
    Welcome Message Header:

    Welcome to Biology! We are all aware of the divesity of life as we look at the world around us and see organisms from moss to the greatest oak tree. Biology will help you to learn all the things we have in common with all other living organisms. As expressed in a quote from one of my favorite authors, Lewis Thomas:

    "Ants are so much like humans as to be an embarrassment. They farm fungi, raise aphids as livestock, launch armies into war, use chemical sprays to alarm and confuse enemies, capture slaves, engage in child labor, exchange information ceaselessly. They do everything but watch TV."

    I am looking forward to another great school year.

Last Modified on August 20, 2009